Wednesday, December 29, 2010


tanks dina sbb bg tag ni~

once you've been tagged, you supposed to write a note with 100 truth about you. at the end choose 25 people to be tagged. tagged means : i'm interested in knowing what your 100 truth are.

real name : Norzuratul 'Ain
nickname : zura
zodiac sign : libra
male or female : female
elementary school : sk Sg. Choh (1,2,3,4) sk Bndr Sg. Buaye(4,5,6)
high school : sbp i rawang
college : not yet
hair colour : black
tall or short : short. i know that.
sweat or jeans : sweat
phone or camera : camera
health freak : not really
orange or apple : apple
do you have a crush on someone : XD
eat or drink : eat and drink
piercings : no!
pepsi or coke : pepsi

Have you ever ?

been in an airplane : yes
been in relationship : nope
been in car accident : nope
been in fist fight : nope

First and last :

first household chores : washing dishes
first best friend : mase tadika :: balqis
first award : upsr 5A??
first crush : mee XD
first word : aaaa....
first section : ???
last person you talked in phone : abah
last person you text : dina fitra
last person you watched a movie with : alia n fiqa
last food you ate : biscuits
last movie you watched : despicable me
last song you listen to : lagu kat blog dina fitra
last thing you bought : dress
last person you hugged : mama

Favourite :

food : Nan Cheese Ayam Tandoori. haha
drink : nesloice
bottoms : trackbottom
music : maher zain
animal : bunny
colour : blue , white , red , black
movie : korean :)
subject : science:)

(put an x in the bracket if yes)

celabrate halloween ()
have you had heart broken (x)
had someone questions my sexual orientation ()
got pregnant ()
had an abortion ()
did something i regret (x)
broken a promise (x)
hide a secret (x)
pretend to be happy (x)
met someone who changed your life ()
pretend to be sick (x)
left the country (x)
try something you normally wouldn'try and like it (x)
cried over the silliest thing (x)
when to the beach with your best friend ()
got into an argument with your best friend (x)
hated someone (x)
single for a whole year (x)

currently :

eating : bread
drinking : mineral
listening to : hot fm
sitting or laying : sitting
plan for today : sleeping
waiting : that DAY

your future :

want kids : yup!huhu
want to get married : yess
career : doctor + lecturer = Proffesor~Insya-Allah

which is more attractive (choose one) :

lips or eyes : eyes
shorter or taller : taller
romantic or spontaneous : spontaneous
nice stomach or nice arms : nice arms
hook-up or relationship : relationship
looks or personality : personality

have you ever :

lost glasses/contacts : nope
snuck out of a house : never
held a gun/knife for a defense : nope
killed somebody : huh? of coz not.
broken somebody heart : maybe
been in love : not yet in my life
cried when someoned died : yes

do you believe in :

yourself : yes
miracles : maybe
love at first sight : dunno
heaven : of course
santa claus : nope
superstition : no
kiss on the first date : nope

truthfully :

is there one person you want to be with right now ? : nope.
do you know who your real friends are ? : yes
do you believe in god ? : ofcourse.
post at 100 % truth ? : insyaallah.

tagged friends :

kakak ku
abang ku

tak tau dah nak tag sapa. lagipun nk tido. besok tuesyen kul 8 pagi XD

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